Student Projects

Based on the students’ broadcast skills and interests the faculty supervisors determined the teams.  Each team then identified and investigated a number of documentary ideas before settling on one idea. Over the five-week course timeframe in June/July 2017, the teams engaged in a detailed pre-production planning process, before going into the field to complete interviews and gather video and sound. The students then did their own editing and post-production in completing two full edits of each project.

2017 Field School Projects

Square Heads - art management for the city

Pepenadores - Trash Collectors

Humanos Ordinarios

Humanos Ordinarios from MRU Journalism and Broadcasting on Vimeo.

2015 Field School Projects

Hunting in Mexico

Hunting regulation in Mexico: A father and son team of hunters advocate for a safe, managed hunting industry.

View video here

Mariachi Music

The musicians of the state of Jalisco and Guadalajara gave Mariachi music to the world.  A young local university student who grew up in a family of Mariachi musicians is doing her part today to celebrate this traditional form of music, while at the same time working to find her own contemporary voice.

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Mexican Punk Music

Visitors to Mexico know that music is an important and vibrant aspect of the country’s culture. Combining local indigenous music with African and European infused rhythms, music beats deeply in the heart of this Mestizo nation. Tucked away on side streets in Guadalajara’s historic centre are a few bars where some locals are moshing to a different drummer and celebrating a decidedly local version of Punk music.

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